Saturday, February 3, 2007


As a broadcast professional of many years reporting and anchoring in major markets, I was embarrassed to the point of tossing up my cookies as I watched WPVI-Channel 6 news at 6PM Friday night, 2-1-07.
The leading newscast in the Philly market has totally sold out, replacing news coverage with co-op advertising.
It was shameful as the 6PM news was used solely to promote the Auto Show and the stations special about the Auto Show. It seemed as if every story had an Auto Show link. It got to the point where Sports Anchor Gary Papa spent his entire segment featuring athletes and their cars. What no sports news tonight? Is there a Super Bowl in the offing? You'd never know it watching Papa. Was he ordered to do this, or did he just go along for the ride?

This is my first blog. You've got the Premier issue. I will occasionally post new thoughts and meanderings as I critique what I see on Philly TV. Stay with me. I promise it'll get better